From JanJan
To Heavenspuppies
Just wanted to drop you a line to say
how impressed I was with the
organization of the information you put
together on the puppy. It is obvious that
you go to great lengths to put vital info
together for the new parents of all of
your babies. If ever I were to purchase
another puppy I would only consider
As for the new addition to m family, we
are blessed! What a wonderful, beautiful,
healthy little girl you sold to us. She is
amazing and words alone could never
express our happiness in having her nor
thanking you enough in taking such
good care of her since birth. Pat, there is
no doubt that you love your babies and
it clearly shows in many ways.
Again from the bottom of my heart a
great big THAN YOU!  We will send you
pictures as she grows.
Jan Van Holt
Hi Pat,

My husband and i received Henry
(yorkie-poo) from you last October. He is
the best puppy ever! So sweet and yet so
playful. We love him dearly. I was
browsing by your website to see if you
had any new puppies for sale. My mom is
looking to get (as she calls it) a "henry
dog" :) My cousin has also shown interest
in wanting one. Just curious if yall have
any puppies ready, or when they will be
Thanks a lot,
Stacey G
July 10, 2011
Charles and Pat,
I just wanted you to know how blessed I feel
to have met you and the kindness bestowed
upon me.
I shall never forget the special gift you gave
me by my sweet little puppy. He fits into our
family perfectly. My kids, Trent and Gabrielle
are over the moon!
Thank you for allowing me to care for our
“little baby”! We named him Boomer.
Thanks for your friendship!
Jana Rhea P.
Bossier City, LA

January 11, 2011
Heaven's gifts kennel,
We just wanted to give you an update on
Galeno and Arcadia, who we renamed
Gatsby and Daisy. They are happy and
healthy puppies who have brought so much
joy into our lives. Before we adopted Gatsby
and Daisy from your kennel, we lost a puppy
that we had adopted from a breeder near our
home. Needless to say, the loss of this
puppy made us cautious when looking for a
breeder to adopt from.  Gatsby and Daisy
arrived as healthy and happy dogs, who had
clearly been well loved and cared for. We
can't begin to express our gratitude to you
and your family for raising these healthy pups
for us. They have healed the hole in our
hearts. We have attached a few updated
pictures of Gatsby and Daisy so you can see
how much they have grown!
James H and Lauren L>
Denver, Colorado
March 8, 2011
Hi Pat!  
I just wanted to send you some pictures of
Daisy.  I absolutely am in LOVE with her.  She
is the BEST dog in the entire world!  She
turns six months this week.  Time has really
flown by.  She weighs about 2.5 pounds but
she thinks she weighs 250 lbs. the way she
guards my house.  She LOVES to play and
cuddle.  I could not have asked for a better
dog!!  She is PERFECT!  The picture of her
with the purple/Mardi Gras bow was taken
today and the picture of her with the red bow
was taken this past January.  I can not thank
you enough for raising such great dogs!  
Everyone that sees her falls in love with her.  
Monnie M.
January 28,2011
Hi Pat,  Just wanted you to know (Mickey) Andy is
doing very well.  This is a picture of him after his first
grooming.  I could not have dreamed up a better dog
than this one.  He is good, adorable and well
adjusted.  We almost are house-broken and he has
learned to "sit".
Jane W.
This is Polo
he lives with the
Whipples and is spoiled